How to Care for Your Nylons

Keep your hose away from rough surfaced, finger nails, jewelry.
ROLL stockings down from top to toe.

START at toe-line, rolling stockings on carefully over foot and leg.
ATTACH garters only to welt( double Top) never below!
Fasten back garter first at center back, to assure straight, smooth fit.
Then fasten front garter.
Roll down the pantyhose carefully as far as the toe. Pull it up alowly over the foot to heel.
Unroll the pantyhose slowly from the ankle as far as the thigh.
Then proceed in the same way with the other leg.
When putting on the pantyhose, do not overstretch, especially near your heel.
Hold the pantyhose by the pants part with your thumbs inside and roll it carefully up to the hips.
Pull the pantyhose up smoothly and gently from the front until it sits properly at the waist.
Now pull the pantyhose up at the back.